The More You DO

How Action Changes Outcomes

In 1989 the slogan “The More You Know” emerged as a popular public service announcement to underscore the value of learning. The jingle and shooting star quickly became ingrained in our minds to signal that the more we know, the better our outcomes will be. 

The More You Know logo with a multi-colored star.
“The More You Know” slogan next to a rainbow-colored shooting star.

While I believed in this mantra for a long time, the reality is that it’s not just about what we know that makes a difference in our lives. Knowledge is powerful, but it’s also only the beginning of the transformation journey. If we want deep-lasting change, we can’t just settle on what we know; we need to act on what we know.

This need for action has become more apparent as I work with organizations who are working through systems-level changes (whether a business, school or an individual who is going through a personal transformation). It’s simply NOT about the more they know but rather about the more they do. A business, school, organization or person may know a tremendous amount about a topic, but if they never take action on that information then they will never see the results they desire.

A simple illustration of this is the person who knows that exercise is beneficial. He may know how to exercise, understand what the best form is and how to engage in proper breathing. None of this information matters, however, if the person doesn’t actually do the exercise. The same goes with healthy eating. A person may know what to eat, when to eat, and how to balance macronutrients with micronutrients. If they fail to act on that knowledge, they will never see the results. You see, knowing is not enough. Doing determines success.

Let’s revise our mantra. It’s about the More We Do that yields predictable success. So when you learn something new that can make your business, organization, or school a better place, act on it. Don’t just sit with the knowledge; do something with it.

“The More You DO” slogan next to a shooting rocket.


Kasia Derbiszewska
Date Thu Oct 27, 2022
Categories education
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