When Automation Alters the Education Landscape

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Several years ago, as I was walking through a grocery store in Florida, I saw a smart machine that was working alongside human workers. When I asked the human employees about the machine, they quickly replied that it was one of their best employees: it always showed up on time, scanned all of the inventory correctly, and was efficient. Before the COVID-19 pandemic this was a novelty. It was pioneering technology that helped cut down on costs while increasing productivity. Continue reading...

Designing Online Courses for Learner Variability

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One of the simplest yet most profound findings from the field of educational neuroscience is the fact that each of us learns in a different way. Intuitively we know this. In reality, however, we often fail to design for it. What we do instead is we tend to design for the so-called “average learner,” we teach the way we were taught or we teach the way that we learn best. We assume that this method will work for everyone else, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Continue reading...

The More You DO

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In 1989 the slogan “The More You Know” emerged as a popular public service announcement to underscore the value of learning. The jingle and shooting star quickly became ingrained in our minds to signal that the more we know, the better our outcomes will be. While I believed in this mantra for a long time, the reality is that it’s not just about what we know that makes a difference in our lives. Knowledge is powerful, but it’s also only the beginning of the transformation journey. If we want deep-lasting change, we can’t just settle on what we know; we need to act on what we know. Continue reading...

The C.R.R. Method

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Last month we explored the concept of it not being about “the more you know” but rather about “the more you do.” You see, information and implementation are two entirely different things. Someone can possess knowledge of something and never apply it (case in point: we all know we should exercise, but do we actually do it?). Or, someone may start inspired but then lose momentum. Our clients or learners may also learn the information, but not fully implement it. Continue reading...

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